Chords and Chord Shapes

Learn everything about the Ukulele

Start out or become more advanced with the Pop & Rock Ukulele book series.

Play in Every Key

In this book Chords and Chord Shapes, you’ll learn how to fret chords in every key across the fretboard, so you will never have to look up a chord again.

Get to know your fretboard

Work through the examples and get to know your fretboard inside out. You’ll soon know every chord type and how to play it in every key.

Download more than 100 audio examples and 38 backing tracks for free

Practice the different chord shapes using more than 100 audio examples, that you can download for free and play along to 38 free backing tracks. Chords and Chord Shapes gives you basic harmonic music theory, so you’ll get to understand how chords are built and fretted.

Play power chords, substitutions and popular chord progressions

Pop & Rock Ukulele: Chords and Chord Shapes helps you analyze fundamental chord progressions in Pop, Jazz and Rock and shows you, how to play them all over your fretboard. This will help you to easily incorporate more advanced chords into your playing. Learn how to use power chords and substitutions and play in the style of Nirvana or Green Day.