Easily Master Strumming and Rhythm on the Ukulele
Build your rhythm, time and technique on the Ukulele with this fun and insightful guide to strumming. Understand how you can use strumming patterns to create essential rhythms that you can use to play any song you like. 

Includes Full Songs, Audio and HD Video
This isn’t just a technique guide, Pop & Rock Ukulele: Strumming also includes full songs and audio so you can hear how your examples should sound. With over 100 Audio tracks to download and 8 HD Videos you can watch for free, this book takes you deep into the art of ukulele rhythm playing.

Learn How to Practice to Build Fluency and Speed
As well as completely breaking down ukulele rhythm playing into manageable chunks, plenty of advice and tips are given on how to practice effectively and apply what you are learning to any musical situations. With dedicated sections on building speed, Spanish techniques and percussive effects, Pop & Rock Ukulele: Strumming will quickly and naturally develop your skills. 

Pop and Rock Ukulele Strumming Includes

  • Over 100 notated audio examples
  • 8 HD Videos
  • Strumming Patterns, Techniques and Songs
  • Musical application
  • Percussive effects
  • Chord dictionary

Whether you are a complete beginner, or are simply looking to hone your rhythm skills, Pop and Rock Ukulele contains everything you need to know to master the instrument. With dedicated sections on chords, basic and advanced strumming, specialist techniques, tuning and accessories you’ll never be short of something to practice.